Role of SRC

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) in adherence to the provisions of its constitution plays its role in ensuring the general welfare of all students of this college. This it does by serving as the voice of all students by presenting issues necessary for a smooth academic environment. This takes the form of negotiations and lobbying on behalf of students. The council further concerns itself with all issues that threaten the congenial atmosphere of learning; hence through dialogue, sends issues to the higher authority to be looked at and solutions are given.

Through its constant touch with college authority, the SRC works towards building healthier staff-student relations to ensure mutual trust and respect.

Finally, in the realization of the multicultural and religious environment in which we find ourselves, the SRC also works towards the promotion of more cordial relations between students and or groups of students without discrimination on the basis of religion, ethnic origin, sex, or nationality. There is also an interactive platform that integrates the SRC with the student body to strengthen the student front. The SRC also seeks to ensure that the welfare of all students is catered for.


To ensure that all students strive for the highest possible achievement and pursue excellence through curricular and extracurricular activities.


To use positive behavioral strategies to achieve excellence.

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