General Rules and Regulation

1.0 Cleanliness
All students are responsible for the general cleanliness of their environment/surrounding.

1.1 Personal Appearance:
1.1.1 Uniform-: students must appear in prescribed uniform for duty/class
1.1.2 Should be neat and clean at all times
1.1.3 Hairdo must be simple and not touch the collar of the dress. Hair ribbon should match the colour of the dress
1.1.4 There should be no colouring of hair apart from its original colour
1.1.5 Shoes and sandals must be of the prescribed style and colour according to the school’s code of dressing
1.1.6 Only stud shaped earings can be worn
1.1.7 Long nails, nail polish, neck chain, artificial nails, bracelets, are prohibited.
1.1.8 Male students are not to wear beard and moustache and both should be clean shaved.
1.1.9 Students must not wear apron and cap outside the hospital premises.
1.1.10 Belts must be properly worn at all times.
1.1.11 Male students shall not wear beard and moustache.
1.2 Hostel Environment:
1.2.1 Students should not liter the environment
1.2.2 Students should not pluck flowers from the compound
1.2.3 Surroundings should be kept clean and tidy at all times
1.2.4 Students are responsible for cleaning of the dormitories/hostel/compound/classrooms
1.2.5 There should be scrubbing of the dormitories/classrooms/hostel/drains/bathrooms and toilets every Saturday.
1.2.6 Cooking in the dormitories is strictly prohibited
1.2.7 No wet or stale food should be taken to the hostel as this attracts vermin.
1.2.8 No male student is allowed to visit the female dormitories and vice versa.
1.2.9 Only toilet tissues are to be thrown into the water closet (WC).
2.0 The following items are strictly PROHIBITED:
a. Sewing machine
b. Sound system
c. Television
d. Fridge
e. Hair dryer
f. Rice cooker
g. water heater
h. water kettle
i. Candles
j. Stoves
k. Overhead electric light
l. Microwaves
m. Lanterns
n. blender
2.1 Due to lack of space students are not allowed to bring Desktop computers, however, they can bring laptops.
2.2 All water taps are to be turned off when not in use. Water should be used economically.
2.3 Students must do their laundry at the prescribed areas and waste water must be properly disposed.
2.4 Moving or parking from one dormitory to another without the consent of the housekeeper is forbidden.
2.5 Moving furniture from classrooms to the dormitories is strictly prohibited.
2.6 Room keys as well as other keys allocated to each student during the semester must be handed over to the housekeeper at the end of the semester.
2.7 Students must report all breakages, damages, and defects promptly to the housekeeper for the necessary action.
2.8 Pictures and posters should not be pasted on the walls.

3.0 Light and electrical gadgets
3.1 All lights in the dormitory must be put off at the time prescribed by the school authorities.
3.2 Only rechargeable lamps and or dry cell flashlights are to be used when the main power goes off.
3.3 The use of candles and other open flame lamps are strictly prohibited.
3.4 All prescribed electrical appliances/gadgets such as rechargeable lamps, irons, flashlights and radios must be disconnected from the mains when not in use so as to cut down consumption and/ or prevent fire outbreak.
3.5 Extra electrical connections in the dormitories are not allowed.
3.6 All electrical faults must be reported to the hostel keeper promptly for the necessary action.
3.7 No unauthorised electrical repairs are allowed. Only approved electricians are allowed to carry out electrical repair works.
4.0 Noise:
4.1 Students should not make noise at the dormitories. The hostel should be kept quiet at all times.
4.2 The sound volume of radio sets and other electrical gadgets must be tuned to reasonable level.
4.3 The door in the dormitories must be closed gently at all times.
4.4 Group prayer sessions are to be held in the classroom when not in use at the time prescribed by the school.
5.0 Late Pass:
5.1 Students must inform the housekeeper and write their names in a book before leaving the campus to town and must return to the campus not later than 10.00pm.
5.2 All students who wish to travel outside town must apply for and obtain an exeat from the principal or his/her delegated representative before leaving campus
5.3 Each student is entitled to three (3) exeats in a semester except in emergency situations.
5.4 Sunday evening church services are compulsory for all students (where applicable).

6.0 Immunisations: Students must avail themselves to take prescribed immunisation when necessary.
7.0 Diet: Special diet for students will only be provided on a written recommendation of a medical officer from government/ CHAG facilities.

8.0 Students Representative Council (SRC):

8.1 The college recognises the SRC as the only legitimate student representative body.
8.2 The SRC should make representations to the authority of the school on matters affecting the students at all times.
8.3 The SRC shall be governed by constitution promulgated by the Dean of Students in consultation with the Principal. All students are required to participate fully in all SRC activities.
8.4 Properties belonging to the SRC must be used ONLY for the purpose for which they are prescribed.
9.0 General Behaviour:
9.1 It is compulsory for all students to attend all school activities.
9.2 Criminal Abortion is strictly prohibited.
9.3 Complicity in carrying out abortion is strictly prohibited.
9.4 Use of mobile phones in the classroom, at the clinical area and at school functions is strictly prohibited.
9.5 Assault in any form is strictly prohibited
9.6 Fighting is strictly prohibited
9.7 Sexual offences such as rape and any sexual activity on campus are strictly prohibited.
9.8 Students are not to engage in sexual misconduct while in college whether kissing, licking lips, caressing or fondling with any part of the body or the opposite sex.
9.9 Homosexualism/lesbianism is forbidden in the school.
9.10 A female or male student should not have any sexual relation with the tutor/opposite sex
9.11 Students of the opposite sex are not allowed to stand in obscure corners during day or night.
9.12 Female students are not allowed to go to male Tutors apartment and vice versa.
9.13 Students must be polite and respectful to all manner of persons at all times
9.14 False information or spreading of false information is an offence
9.15 Defamation of character or deliberate distortion of fact/character assassination and writing anonymous letters are all serious offences.
9.16 Impersonation is a serious offence
9.17 Disclosure of official information-: unauthorised disclosure of official information to any member of the public is an offence.
9.18 Flouting the authority of the principal/staff/prefects/seniors is a very serious offence.
9.19 Smoking is strictly prohibited.
9.20 The possession and/or use of drugs (indian hemp, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, harshish, LSD, or any other narcotic drug recognized as such and (punishable by the laws of Ghana) are strictly prohibited.
9.21 Buying, drinking/selling of alcohol in any form is strictly forbidden.
9.22 Stealing of any form is strictly forbidden.
9.23 Malingering/truancy during classes, clinicals and during official functions/ activities is prohibited.
9.24 Students are not allowed to possess any form of arms or ammunition, whether licensed or unlicensed on campus. This is strictly forbidden.
10.0 Sick Reporting:
10.1 All students must register with the National Health Insurance Scheme.
10.2 Students who are sick shall report at the infirmary.
10.3 All students found sick during weekend of hours when the infirmary nurse has closed, should report to the health prefect for further instructions.
10.4 Sick students must be registered in the sick report book before going to the hospital.
10.5 Feedback from the hospital must be given to the tutor or hostel warden for necessary action.
11.0 Communication:
11.1 No student shall communicate either directly or indirectly to the press or to any unauthorised person any official school information without authority from the Principal
11.2 The Principal shall be informed of the intent to produce any souvenir, envelopes, writing pad, ‘T’ shirt, etc.) And the principal’s approval shall be obtained for student publication such as newsletter, magazine, journal etc. within the college.
11.3 A copy of each souvenir should be lodged with the Principal
11.4 Each issue of periodical shall state the name of the editor, the membership of the editorial board and publisher.
11.5 The members of the editorial board shall be held jointly and severally responsible for the contents of each issue of publication.
11.6 All students should follow the prescribed channels of communication to have their concerns addressed
12.0 Pregnancy-: Students who get pregnant during training must report to the Principal for counselling and deferment of programme.
13.0 Protest Marches, Parades and Demonstrations:
13.1 Any student(s) who wish to organise a protest march, parade, float or demonstration in the college shall notify the principal in writing through the SRC.
13.2 Such notice shall be given to the Principal at least seven (7) days before the protest march, parade, or demonstration is due to begin. The Principal shall in turn inform the police at least five (5) days in advance according to the law and order Act.
13.3 The notification shall state the purpose of the protest march, float, parade or demonstration and the names of the organiser(s) as well as the route.
13.4 Permit must be obtained from the police before the commencement of the march.
13.5 The protest march, parade, float, demonstration shall follow a route approved by the police.
13.6 Students should keep close to the approved side of the road to facilitate free passage of vehicular and pedestrian movement.
13.7 Students on protest march, parade, float, or demonstration must do nothing to obstruct traffic.
13.8 Do nothing to incite violence or cause a breach of the peace.
13.9 The organiser(s) should be held responsible for any act(s) of violence and/or breach of school regulations that may occur during and after the protest march, parade or float and demonstration.
13.10 Any individual student(s) who commits an act of violence and/or breaches school regulations during any protest march, parade, float and demonstration shall be held responsible for his/her behaviour.
13.11 The Principal shall reserve the right to forbid the protest march, parade or demonstration, float if his/her opinion of the march is likely to;
a. lead to a breach of the peace
b. cause serious interference with activities of the school
c. expose students to danger
13.12 The Principal shall alert the police as soon as an emergency occurs and shall seek police assistance to restore order should the situation threaten to get out of hands or violent.
13.13 `21Staging a protest march, float, parade or demonstration does not necessarily imply that the school accepts or sympathises with the stated objectives of the march.
14.0 Use of Vehicles of the Institution:
14.1 All students are entitled to request for the institution’s vehicles for educational, curricular or co-curricular activities.
14.2 The use of the school vehicle is subject to it availability, approval by the transport officer and certification by the Principal.
14.3 All requests for the use of the vehicle shall be submitted in writing to the transport officer through the SRC at least five (5) days before the date of the journey.
14.4 Each requisition shall state the following;
a. Destination
b. Purpose of the journey
c. Date vehicle will be required
d. Time of departure
e. Date and estimated time of return

15.0 Incitement to Rioting: Students are not to incite riot or indulge themselves in rioting.