Code of Discipline

This code of discipline presupposes that every Health Training Institution under the Ministry of Health in Ghana has a code of conduct (rules and regulations) spelled out in detail indicating the sort of conduct expected of students. It is in view of this, that this code of discipline sets out to support.

The purpose of this code of discipline is not to prescribe punishments for every offense committed but to provide a guide on the disciplinary measures that may deter students from committing offenses and compel them to exercise self-control and self-discipline in their day to day activities.

This may also serve as a guide to limits of sanctions, bearing in mind that humane approaches are expected to be adopted in all matters relating to discipline in health training institutions, however, the punishment should be severe enough to deter others.

It is also recommended that heads of institutions must ensure thorough investigations in all cases of indiscipline by the disciplinary committee. Cases which in the opinion of the institutions’ authorities merit dismissal should be referred to the Advisory Board.

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