Academic Regulation

Reopening & Registration

All students shall report on the set date of reopening.
Any student who has a genuine reason(s) to absent him/herself on the set reopening date shall do so in writing to the Principal for approval. Semester Course Registration:

Registration of courses shall begin from the first (1st) week of the semester and close by the end of the second (2nd) week.

All courses offered in the college/school are compulsory
Registration is subject to a 60% payment of fees until otherwise determined by the Ministry of Health or management.


Attendance of lectures

Students shall attend all lectures, tutorials, and/or practical sessions as specified for each course.
Students should be punctual to lectures and should be seated at least five (5) minutes before the lecture begins.
Lateness to lectures is strictly prohibited.
All students shall present themselves for every quiz, test, assignments, patient care study, research work, mid and end of semester examination specified for each course.
The performance of each student shall be assessed and graded at the end of each semester.

Any student who absents himself/herself for a cumulative period of twenty-one (21) working days shall not be permitted to sit for the end of the semester examination.
The use of mobile phones or any electronic device that is likely to disrupt lecture or discussion is prohibited unless otherwise granted by the Tutor in-charge.

Student Performance and Resit

A cumulative grade point average (CGPA) shall be computed for each student at the end of each academic year.
Students who obtain a grade point average of 1.5 or 3 referrals or more at the end of the first semester and the first sitting shall be cautioned and parent(s) or guardian(s) invited to sign a bond to improve performance.
Counseling services shall be made available to all students to help improve performance.
Any student who is referred to in 3 or more subjects in an academic year shall be demoted.
No student shall repeat a class twice.
Any student found in 4.5 above shall be dismissed
No referred paper (subject) shall be written twice.
Students found in 4.6 above shall wait for the next academic year to register and sit for the paper.
A final year student found in 4.6.1 above shall not be registered for licensing examination until the next academic year when he/she registers, sits, and passes the said paper in arrears.
The cost of resit shall be as determined by the Ministry of Health.


Guide to Examination for Students

Invigilators (therein referred to as anyone assigned by the academic board to supervisor or oversee examinations or quizzes) are present in the examination hall to ensure the proper conduct of the examination and to deal with problems that may arise. Any such problems or any student requiring assistance during an examination should be brought to the invigilator’s attention by the raising of a hand.

Candidates (therein referred to as students scheduled for examination) in the examination halls are supervised by Invigilators and overseen by Chief Invigilators.
Strict silence must be observed in entering the examination hall and during the examination at all times.
Students are required to be in attendance Thirty minutes (30) before the commencement of each examination.
Unless permitted to do so by the chief invigilator or someone delegated by him/her, students will not be:
Admitted to the examination hall if they are more than Thirty (30) minutes late
Permitted to leave the examination hall until one hour after the examination start time.
Permitted to leave the examination hall within the last twenty minutes of the examination.
Allowed to return to the examination hall having handed in their examination answer booklets and left the examination hall.
Under no circumstances should students leave their seats unless permitted to do so by the invigilator. Students who exit the exam hall without permission may not be allowed to re-enter.
Checks for unauthorized material(s) may be carried out during examinations. Students may be asked to empty their pockets at any point in the course of the examination.
All electronic devices, including mobile phones but excluding those calculators permitted for specific examinations, are not allowed in the exam hall. Any student found with an electronic device in the hall; the device shall be confiscated and reported as a breach of examination regulations.
No student shall aid or attempt to aid other students, or obtain or attempt to obtain assistance from other students, or communicate in any way with other students in the examination hall.
No student shall take out of the examination hall any answer booklet or part of an answer booklet, whether used or unused.
In no case shall a student leave an examination hall unless the invigilator has collected the student’s answer booklets.
Students who wish to leave the examination hall before the final twenty minutes of the examination period must notify an invigilator and hand over their answer booklets to the invigilator.
At the end of the examination, students must remain in their seats until all answer booklets have been collected and accounted for. Answer booklets must be handed over immediately on request to the invigilator.

All students shall sign the attendance register before leaving the examination hall. Failure to do so means no invigilator shall be accountable for your script should the unfortunate happen.
Any student found violating these regulations or undertaking any irregularities of conduct within the examination hall shall be reported and may be deemed to have breached examination regulations.
No student must be found in and around the examination hall before 30 minutes to the commencement of an examination.
No books, phones, or bags shall be allowed around the examination hall.

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